How To Meal Prep For the Week to Lose Weight

How To Meal Prep For the Week to Lose Weight

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Do you feel motivated to eat healthier, but find yourself struggling to find time to make healthy dinners each night?

Most of us don’t have the luxury to spend hours cooking each night.

In my family, we’re constantly on the go, juggling work, school, and other activities.

Getting healthy dinners on the table each night isn’t easy, but we make it a priority.

These simple meal prepping tips will show you how to meal prep for the week. Your family will eat healthier in less time all week.

Say goodbye to takeout and start eating healthier and losing weight.

What Are The Benefits of Meal Prepping?

  • Eat Healthier
  • Lose Weight
  • Save Money

Meal prepping is such a hot topic right now, but you may be wondering how important is it really?

Meal prepping helps you stay on track with eating healthy during the week. After working all day, you might not feel like spending an hour plus cooking dinner.

However, if you already meal prepped and only need to reheat a few ingredients, you’re much more likely to cook at home.

Meal prepping helps you lose weight. You’ll be more likely to eat the healthy meals you planned out if you already to the time to meal prep.

Plus, meal prepping saves you money. Eating out is expensive and adds up over time.

If you start meal prepping and cooking at home, you’ll end up saving a lot of money week after week. Also, you’ll waste less food since you will cook exactly what you need for the week.

Meal Prep Essentials

In order to get started meal prepping, you just need a few essentials.

Pressure Cooker:

My Mealthy pressure cooker has become a huge part of my weekly meal prep. I can make quinoa in 2 minutes, hard-boiled eggs that are easy to peel, and perfect soft sweet potatoes in 18 minutes.

If you haven’t heard of Mealthy, it’s similar to Instantpot, but it comes with a lot more accessories at a lower price point. I’ve used this pressure cooker for over 2 years without any issues at all!

Glass Storage Containers

After you prepare all of your meals, you want to have something to keep your food in. I love this Pyrex set that comes in a variety of sizes.

This keeps my ingredients organized so I can quickly heat them up and use them throughout the week.

Large Sheet Pan

A large sheet pan is something I only recently discovered, but is now a must for me. Instead of roasting vegetables in 2 shifts, I can now cook twice as many all at once.

Always opt for stainless steel, Aluminum, or other high-quality materials. Avoid non-stick if possible. The harmful ingredients leak into your food.


Meal prepping does take a little bit of time, so make sure to dedicate at least an hour once a week to prepare your meals.

I usually choose Sunday afternoons to meal prep when we’re all winding down from the weekend. This helps me feel well-prepared to take on the week ahead.

So now you’re ready to get started!

How to Meal Prep For The Week to Lose Weight

How To Meal Prep For the Week To Lose Weight

Start Small

If you’re brand new to meal prepping, start small. Try to start with just one course instead of prepping 7 days’ worth of breakfast, lunches, and dinners.

This will help keep you focused and feel less overwhelmed.

As you get more comfortable planning out and preparing your meals, you’ll be able to prepare more at once.

Meal Plan

A solid meal plan is a must for successful meal prepping. You want to have your meal plan in place prior to any cooking.

This way you’ll know exactly what you need to make and how much.

Meal planning is such a life changer for eating healthy and is so important to help you reach your weight loss goals for good.

If you’re new to meal planning, check out these tips to help you get started.

Also, grab my free meal planner to keep you organized.

When you’re ready to start meal prepping, keep your meal plan close by for a quick reference of what you need to cook.

Prep Before Putting Away

As you’re putting your groceries away, save a little extra time to chop your vegetables and wash your fruits.

This way, when you’re ready to use them later in the week for a recipe or as a snack, they’re ready to go.

You’ll likely find that you’ll end up eating many more veggies if they’re cut up and ready to go as a convenient snack too.

Choose Ingredients that Take The Longest

As you’re looking at your weekly meal plan, you may be wondering to yourself what exactly you should cook ahead of time.

As a rule of thumb, I try to pre-cook anything that takes longer than 20 minutes to cook.

This includes starches such as potatoes, rice, quinoa, roasted vegetables, and meats.

Also, you can prepare dishes like lasagna or an oatmeal bake which will just need to be thrown into the oven later on.

Keep a Well-Stocked Pantry

The last thing you want to run into mid-meal-prep is a missing ingredient. To make meal prepping easier, make sure your pantry is well-stocked at all times.

What I do to stay organized is keep a running list of pantry staples.

Whenever I run out of an item such as a spice, broth, or tomato sauce, I add it to my list. This way I avoid any meal prepping disasters when I’m missing an ingredient.

If you’re new to eating healthier, make sure your pantry has all of the best ingredients. Grab a free shopping list full of suggestions for clean eating pantry-staples.


Find What Works For You

As with all healthy lifestyle changes, you have to find a system that works for you and your family.

I have found that prepping only some ingredients works best for me.

I always chop vegetables and pre-cook rice or quinoa on Sundays.

Beyond that, I take it day by day and prepare at night time for the next day. This is just what works best for me and my family.

Look at your schedule and choose the best method for you.

As long as your eating healthier and sticking to your meal plan, you’ll be losing weight, feeling energized, and saving money in no time!

Start living a healthier lifestyle and lose weight for good.

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How To Meal Prep For the Week To Lose Weight
How To Meal Prep For the Week To Lose Weight

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